Galapagos – Frequently Asked Questions

Galapagos – Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes the Galapagos so special?

How do I know if Galapagos is the right destination for me?

How much of a nature lover do you need to be to enjoy the Galapagos?

Is it family friendly?

Is it accessible for people with disabilities?

Do I need to use a wetsuit?

I have special dietary requirements. Can they be met?

I have special religious requirements. Can they be met?

Is there any kind of age restriction for visitors?

I´m travelling in a group with people of many ages. What's the best way for us to travel?

What is the food like on board an expedition cruise?

Packing tips?

Will I need binoculars? What kind of binoculars is best for Galapagos wildlife viewing?

What shoes do I need to bring?

What additional photographic equipment should I bring on my trip?

Are there any restrictions on photographing or filming the islands?

Can I SCUBA dive in Galapagos? Can I get my diving certification or a license upgrade in Galapagos?

Will I need my own snorkelling gear?

Can I fish in the Galapagos?

Can you recommend at least three-four good books for reading prior to this trip?

Is it easy to purchase media thumb drives/digital memory?

Is there a dress code aboard the expedition vessels?

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