Galapagos Islands

Perception vs. Reality #13




Single-guided small boats can leave a lower environmental footprint.


Actually, the fewer people on board, the higher the environmental footprint per person. It’s a question of basic economies of scale: the inevitable carbon footprint of the vessel, when divided by the number of guests on board, falls dramatically on multi-guided expedition vessels versus single-guided boats. Expedition vessels additionally reduce their footprint on protected areas by investing in cutting-edge technology, training, plastic reduction, solid waste management, and clean processes, many of which are impossible to implement on single-guided boats due to space reasons. Finally, by undergoing regular environmental-impact audits by local authorities, and even third parties, multi-guided expedition vessels guarantee compliance with international standards.

Ask your operator about its environmentally-friendly initiatives, on-board technology, and sustainability awards.

Single-guided small boats can leave a lower environmental footprint