Galapagos News Roundup for the Month of March 2018

Here’s our Galapagos News Roundup for the Month of March 2018!
BBC releases a behindthescenes video of viral baby iguana being hunted by hundreds of snakes in the Galapagos 
The famous BBC Planet Earth II documentary went viral last year with a scene of a baby iguana being hunted by so many snakes that it could easily compared to a hollywood blockbuster. The scene took place on the Galapagos Islands and showed Mother Nature in its purest, most savage form. More than a year later, the BBC released a second clip, which is a behind-the-scenes of the viral video, that is as exciting as the first one. Have a look at this second clip below!

Ecuador and the UN call for an end to contamination by plastic 

UN’s Environment Regional Director, Leo Heileman, and Ecuador’s Minister of Environment, Tarsicio Granizo, met to reaffirm the country’s commitment to reduce the contamination generated by plastic and to work alongside the UN’s efforts to control human residues that have been contaminating the world’s oceans. Other countries that are also part of the UN’s “Clean Oceans” campaign are Brasil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Panamá, Peru, Dominican Republic and Uruguay.  

The Galapagos National Park Aims to Clean the Galapagos of Plastic by This Year 

Best Galapagos Islands
Following-up on our News Roundup from last month, the Galapagos National Park has decided to take their cleaning of plastic residues from the coasts of the archipelago a step further. This year, the GNP has sent forth an ambitious campaign to completely rid the beaches of the Galapagos of plastic waste. The community, local governments, organizations and fishing sector will be involved in the efforts.  

The Galapagos Marine Reserve Celebrates its 20th Anniversary!

It’s been 20 years since the Galapagos Marine Reserve was created one March 18, becoming Ecuador’s biggest protected area with an extension of 138,000 sq. km! The area of the Marine Reserve is equivalent to half of the country it belongs to and it is known world-wide for its rich and pristine waters 
galapagos islands postcard

Cyclists from Around the World Will Compete in the Galapagos Second International Tour

The second Galapagos Cycling International Tour will take place from the 5th to the 7th of October of this year on the island of Santa Cruz. biking galapagosCyclists from Ecuador, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Belgium, Spain and other countries will rendezvous in the archipelago to participate in the cycling event that will gather both professional and casual bikers in various categories.

The IAEA Commits to Support the Conservation of the Galapagos

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) committed to supporting the conservation and preservation of the natural richness of the Galapagos Archipelago. The IAEA’s General Director, Yukiya Amano, met with Ecuadorian Ambassador Carlos Jativa to reaffirm the Agency’s commitment, while Ecuador reiterated its support for the use of atomic energy for peaceful purposes.  

francisco dousdebesTravel Theatre Program 2018

Our Galapagos Expert Extraordinaire, Pancho Dousdebes, found himself in Australia this month sharing his wisdom and excitement about the Enchanted Isles. At this particular forum, which covers a wide range of topics and vacation ideas, allowed our expert to provide inspiration and valuable advice concerning the magical destination that is Galapagos and Ecuador. His presentation was titled “Easy to Reach South American Gems presented by Francisco Dousdebes.”

Surf’s Up in Galapagos!

This month of March in Galapagos saw Ecuadorian surferssurf competition galapagos 2018 Dominic ‘Mimi’ Barona and Alex Suarez awarded with gold medals for their totally radical moves during the ALAS Galapagos 2018 Surfing Competition, organized by the Latin-American Association of Professional Surfers over on San Cristobal Island. The Galapagos received and hosted over 200 Latin-American athletes for the competition.

world-travel-awards_0Ecuador takes the cake at the World Travel Awards 2018 hosted in Vietnam!

The World Travel Awards have been recognizing excellence in travel and tourism since 1993. An international jury, consisting of more than 200,000 professionals in the industry, vote to have their destinations, hotels and services recognized. This year, Latin America and the Caribbean came out winning with multiple awards once again.  Most notable wins, in our country, were:

  • The Galapagos Islands: Best Beach Destination
  • Ecuador: The Best Green (Sustainable) Destination for the 5th consecutive year!

Mexico and Ecuador: Working together for the future of our oceans

Mexico and Ecuador have signed a pact that aims to direct efforts and conservation for the Revillagigedo and Galapagos National Parks, in particular. Both countries will work together by exchanging experiences and best practices with the goal of helping preserve marine biodiversity. Ecuador is a part of the Marine Conservation Corridor of the Eastern Tropical Pacific (CAMR), which consists of other countries along the pacific coast such as Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador and Panama. It aims to secure marine connectivity throughout the ocean.

A Study of Visitor Impact on Sea Turtle Nesting Sites Now Underway in Galapagos

The study will be done on two beaches, one that’s prohibited to visitors and anotyher with controlled access to visitors. The study will last 22 days to measure the impact of tourismon the nesting and hatching patterns of sea turtles.
sea turtle study galapagos news roundup march 2018
Depending on the outcome of this study, measures will be implemented to help manage the effect of tourism on wildlife in Galapagos.
The Galapagos Islands are considered one of the second most important places in the world for this particular species of sea turtle (Chelonia mydas), after Michoacan, Mexico. Up to 30 sea turtles can be witnessed nesting per night in the archipelago!

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