Top Reasons for Why You Should Travel to Galapagos in September

Summer is quickly wrapping up, and you find yourself with just enough time to head to the Galapagos in search of adventure. Quickly you begin looking online for flight tickets and tour packages when suddenly you hesitate, just mere clicks away from buying your ticket to Ecuador and the Galapagos. The skeptic within you quietly whispers: isn’t it a little late in the year to plan a vacation to Galapagos? What even happens in the Galapagos in September?! Is it worth going?
And we’re here to say: Yes. Absolutely!!
Because you can rest assured that there is still plenty of time to plan your Galapagos adventure and have the experience of a lifetime with tons of wildlife activity during this September! And as icing on the cake: the summer crowds are slowly filtering out, meaning you’ll have an even better chance of allowing yourself to flow into the rhythm of the Galapagos!
So, are you ready to experience life in Galapagos via the most exclusive and luxurious way aboard our Galapagos Cruises and/or at our Galapagos Hotel? Then read along as we answer the question:

Is September a Good Time to Travel to the Galapagos?

Well, let’s have a look at Galapagos Weather in September first…
The Galapagos Islands have two distinct seasons: a hot one and a dry one. Both of these seasons have their own unique way of showcasing some of the best stuff that the archipelago has to offer.
September, however, finds itself in the midst of the Dry Season and offers guests a terrific window of time to come and enjoy some of the coolest and freshest temperatures that the islands have to offer. Especially when compared to the much hotter and humid temperatures that are seen during the aptly-named Hot Season.
If you don’t wish to get scorched under the equatorial sun, September is also the perfect month thanks to the presence and protection of the inversion layer. For those unfamiliar with this term, the inversion layer is the scientific term used to describe the specific blanket of clouds that tend to cover the sky during the Dry Season in Galapagos. Blue skies are still definitely an occurrence, but keep in mind that the inversion layer lasts from June to November.

galapagos islands beaches.

Don’t forget to apply sunscreen at these time in the islands.

Alright, but what about wildlife activity in Galapagos during September?
Get ready to put on your wetsuit and hop into the water! September is a very active month in the Galapagos archipelago. The Humboldt Current keeps the waters fresh and full of nutrients thanks to upwellings, which means everybody in the animal kingdom has a lot to eat. A lot of food translates into a lot of action! So get ready to observe sea turtles foraging for algae at the bottom of the sea, Galapagos sea lions chasing each other, blue-footed

sea lions in galapagos

Enjoy the company of beautiful iconic species.

Don’t forget to bring your wetsuit if you have one! If you prefer to travel light, then you can also rent one aboard any and all of our vessels. No matter what, we guarantee you’ll be mesmerized by the underwater world of the Enchanted Isles.

Galapagos sea turtle.

Discover the magic of Galapagos at this time of the year.

Rare September Wildlife Occurrences in Galapagos

The Last Whales of the Season

whale in galapagos

Observe humpback whale calves a completely unique event.

Did you know that September is the last month of the year in which you can see humpback whales? Because of the lack of predators, the Galapagos Islands provides a haven for these majestic singers of the sea as they come to calf and raise their young during their first months of the year. As a result, it’s not all that unlikely to observe humpback whale calves – now a little older and bigger after being breastfed by their moms – and see them acting a little more confident, sometimes even energetically bursting through the surface to show off their newly-acquired acrobatic skills. Have your camera ready, you might see them splashing around a few feet away from your dinghy!

Parents and Feathers
The Galapagos Islands are the only place in the world where you will get to observe penguins north of the equator! These cute and flightless birds are a rare and endangered species, with some very particular habits that starkly distinguish them from their cousins over in colder latitudes. During the month of September, keep your eyes open to catch a Galapagos penguin mom or dad nesting their young! And don’t be worried by their scruffy looks: it just so happens that, due to the fact that the Galapagos Islands are a warm place, these penguins in particular don’t need to load up on food nearly as much in order to withstand the cold weather with extra layers of fat and feathers (as is typical of their cousins). Galapagos penguins instead end up shedding their feathers during their breeding period in order to help their bodies keep cool under the hot Galapagos sun until their feathers grow back.

Galapagos Penguin iconic specie.

At this time of the year you will have the opportunity to spot Galapagos penguin mom or dad nesting their young.

Are You a History Junkie?

Then September is the month for you! Come and visit the Galapagos on its historically relevant Dates!
From a historical perspective, the Galapagos Islands have played a small but important role in science, biology and our existence at large. When the famous scientist Charles Darwin visited the archipelago back in 1835 during his voyage aboard the HMS Beagle, he was able to make some very interesting observations with the unique wildlife he encountered. The rarity of the species that inhabit the islands and how they adapted and evolved in this harsh environment would eventually inspire him to develop his Theory of Evolution. Though this polemic piece was published years after his journey to the Galapagos, you might find yourself quite smug in knowing that, if you choose to visit the archipelago anytime between the 15th of September and the 20th of October of this year, you’ll be treated to something rather special. Aboard our ships, we like to celebrate the Anniversary of Charles Darwin! In previous years, we’ve surprised our guests with special cocktails, culinary fare, activities and even a Darwin-inspired photo booth. There will also be times during certain itineraries when our guests will disembark on the same island, on the same day that Darwin did! Talk about following in history’s footsteps!

Charles Darwin.

Charles Darwin by George Richmond.

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