Scenic Quito Tour & Archaeology Museum, 4 hours, daily, except Monday

Scenic Tour of Quito & Archaeological Museum (4 hours, daily, Monday)



A visit to downtown Quito to relish in this urban jewel and its treasures of art and architecture. Quito’s colonial quarter, the largest and best preserved of South America, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Day by day itinerary

Tour Details

The stroll starts at the Independence Plaza, flanked by the Cathedral, the Presidential Palace, the Municipal Building and the Archbishop’s Palace. Visit the temple of La Compañía de Jesús and its awesome gilded interior. Continue on to the Monastery of San Francisco, one the of great religious buildings of the New World; its impressive façade and atrium that lead to its Baroque interior influenced by Moorish style, with the winged Virgin of Quito at its main altar. The tour ends at a lookout point with a great view of Quito.
Then, relive the history of Ecuador’s most ancient cultures at the Archaeology Museum, one of the finest archaeological and gold artifact collections in the Americas, part of the vast collection owned by the Central Bank of Ecuador.
There are over 1800 pieces arranged in chronological corridors with explanatory panels and dioramas.

Travel Facts

This is a walking tour at an altitude of 2800 meters (9200 feet) and involves climbing stairs. Dress in layers (T-shirt, blouse, sweater, coat). Women should not wear shorts nor miniskirts as visits to churches are included. Take a sweater even if the day is warm and sunny. Rain protection advised in the afternoon. Sun protection (SPF 40). Good walking shoes. No pictures are allowed inside the museum; your camera must be left with the guard at the entrance.

Important Note:

Tour visits to churches on Sundays are not allowed.

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