Quito Cultural Heritage

Quito Cultural Heritage, Full day with lunch. Daily except Sunday and Monday



A full day experience with a chronologic narrative along the history of the city: its ancient pre-Columbian origins, its foundation, the Colonial and Republican periods. An immersion into the spirit of the city, its architecture, art, cuisine, religiousness and music – its cultural heritage.

Day by day itinerary

Tour Details

The capital of Ecuador, is the first city declared a cultural world heritage by UNESCO in 1978; Quito’s cultural heritage is a blend of Amerindian ancestry and Spanish influence. This walking tour is a chronologic narrative of the history of Quito, since its very beginnings –with the first Pre-Columbian inhabitants– civilizations which formed the ethnic cultural background of Ecuador centuries before the Inca Empire, like the Quitus in present-day Quito, who developed their own distinctive architecture, pottery, and religious beliefs. Drive up to an observation point for a bird’s-eye view of the city’s layout; and then stroll along downtown Quito, founded by the Spanish on the ruins of an Inca settlement, the best preserved Colonial historic center in Latin America. A unique opportunity to see art gems and the brilliantly restored Barroque Jesuit church. Immerse yourself in the city’s vibe, mingling with the locals in its many plazas and enjoying a taste of Ecuadorian delicacies for lunch. Be part of the first struggles for Independence in South America in the early 1800’s and catch a glimpse of the romantic La Ronda cobblestoned street with flowery balconies, where echoes of timeless songs of love can still be heard.

Travel Facts

This is a walking tour at an altitude of 2800 meters (9200 feet) and involves climbing stairs. Dress in layers (T-shirt, blouse, sweater, coat). Women should not wear shorts nor miniskirts as visits to churches are included. Take a sweater even if the day is warm and sunny. Rain protection advised between January and April. Sun protection (SPF 40). Good walking shoes.


Quito – A Journey through Art and History from Metropolitan Touring

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