La Pinta gets more than a facelift

Jan 27, 2015
On December 19, our luxury Yacht La Pinta re-entered service in the Galápagos after a well-deserved, month-long dry-dock stint that was much more than just a facelift. More than 125 workers completed major improvements to the vessel’s exterior, but also importantly reducing its environmental footprint further.
New carpeting was installed in all guest cabins and social areas, including bar lounge, natural history library, hallways, reception foyer, and dining room. All cabin chairs, reception sofas, dining room chairs and bar lounge furniture were either replaced or newly upholstered, and, thanks to new wallpaper – a renovation only possible during dry-docks – giving all social areas and staterooms a fresh look.
Our natural history library got new bookcases and added more comfortable furniture, making it even more inviting for guests to relax in this already popular spot. New gangway staircase platforms boost security and comfort, particularly on windy days. Perhaps the most profound change in our vessel was the installation of two brand new engines that feature reduced noise emissions, improved fuel combustion, and state-of-the-art performance.
This guarantees our clients and guests that our operation is not only under full compliance with international and national maritime law, but that our environmental footprint remains at a very low level.

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