Ecuador – Coastal Hacienda, Banana Plantation

Coastal Hacienda Tour (one day, daily from Guayaquil, Banana Plantation)



This is a great opportunity to have a close look at the lush natural scenery of the tropical lowlands of Ecuador, getting away from the big city and driving along rice paddies, banana and sugar cane plantations and the natural vegetation of the equatorial tropics- along roads dotted with colorful produce and local people. Guests have the opportunity to learn first-hand the way of life and traditions of the “Montubio Culture” of Ecuador’s coastal region, enjoy the history of cocoa beans and the modern processes used to obtain the best chocolate (Ecuador is among the main producers of high quality cocoa in the world) or see first-hand why Ecuador is the first exporter of bananas in the world -talk about a banana country! and taste fresh and delicious tropical fruits. Lunch includes local produce, carefully prepared for the delight of guests, including vegetarian options.
Hacienda Rodeo Grande, 90 Kms. Away from Guayaquil, amid a tropical environment, in Los Ríos province. Here you can enjoy horseback riding, walking and nature observation. Lunch is served at the lovely farmhouse. The farm has a large herd of cattle kept both for meat and milk as well as over 100 buffalos. Additionally, there is a flock of ostriches and in the garden, peacock, guinea fowl and deer. The horse riding is a great way to see the entire farm, and the cattle and the buffalos managed in the traditional way, by real local cowboys. Expert professionals will show how bananas are grown, harvested and packed for export. For groups, local musicians and folklore dance entertainment can be arranged, as well as special catering, gifts and more.

Travel Facts

Wear light clothes for warm weather, sneakers or good walking shoes, hat or cap, insect repellent. Do not wear perfume or sweet-smelling creams which attract unwanted insects. Average temperature during the day: 22° to 32° C / 70° to 90° F.
Altitude: sea level

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