Galapagos Island Cruise Vacations, virtually

Apr 15, 2014
el-nino6-660x375, a portal into the wonders of Galapagos Islands travel: one of the world’s most sought after natural world destinations.

Galapagos Islands are perhaps best known for their influence on Charles Darwin and his seminal work The Origin of the Species, which in many ways represents one of the indisputable milestones of Natural History. In this modern day, one can travel to this paradisiacal destination on a Galapagos islands cruise tours and explore what was once considered a haunted and inhospitable pirate hangout on a luxury cruise tour with all the comforts and amenities.
We will be exploring all things pertaining to the Galapagos Islands— wildlife, history, geology, geography, evolution, and so forth — as well as the experience that Galapagos holidays and Galapagos Islands cruise tours have to offer. This is intended as an interactive immersion, open to anyone who’s interested, from those who want to share their Galapagos travel adventures, read up on a series of fascinating facts or involve themselves in our efforts to keep these fragile environments forever protected. If you are fascinated by the Galapagos travel experience, if you’ve taken Galapagos Island cruise tours and long to return, or if you want to live a Galapagos holiday vicariously, come drop by at any time, we’ll keep you posted. And of course, if you simply want to learn more about the Galapagos Islands and what a Galapagos cruise vacation might entail, well… this is the ideal place to start.

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