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The Middle of the World

The Middle of the World complex is located just 13.5 km from Quito and constitutes a highly popular tourist attractions in Ecuador. Visit the monument that commemorates the French Geodesic Mission’s successful measurement of the Equator, latitude 0° and discover the multiethnic and multicultural treasures of this tiny and spectacularly beautiful country. Enjoy the traditional attractions of a colonial city: a plaza, a church, the post office, coffee shops, restaurants and souvenir shops. And of course, go home and tell all of your friends that you stood precisely on the spot where you could have one foot on each hemisphere.

The complex features new attractions such as:

The Cocoa Plaza: Here, visitors can learn about the history of cocoa in Ecuador and throughout the world as well as the production process it takes to transform from beans to the best chocolate in the world. Visitors get to taste delicious Middle of the World chocolate.

Ancestral Housing: This area showcases the different types of housing from the three natural regions of Ecuador: coast, Andean highlands and rainforest. Visitors also have the opportunity to witness a shaman performing a spiritual cleansing ceremony.

The Train Station: This space features Ecuador’s railway system, its history and its development in Ecuador.

All visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy an artistic programme with music and dance groups that highlight Ecuador’s culture and traditions. Guests will receive a diploma certifying they’ve crossed the Equator.



Quito and the Middle of the World (4½ hours, daily)

Visit Quito’s historic centre and then travel to the Equator Monument, with lunch in a nice restaurant in the area.

Quito & the Middle of the World plus lunch, 6 hours, daily

Visit Quito’s historic centre and then travel to the Equator Monument, with lunch in a nice restaurant in the area.

Tulipe: Ancient Sun Culture, full day with lunch, Wednesday to Sunday

Travel via the Equator to the cloudforests northwest of Quito to learn about the intriguing cultures that inhabited the area and erected the archaeological site called Tulipe.

The Middle of the World (3 hours, daily)

The Equatorial Monument, 25 km (16 miles) north of Quito, marks the Middle of the World, latitude 0º, where you can stand with a foot on each hemisphere.

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