Ecuador – Cloudforest Tours


The view of a cloud forest in Ecuador.

Discover this amazing cloud forest in Ecuador!

Shafts of light that filter through the canopy. The aroma of the forest’s plants and flowers. The swirl of clouds through branches and trees. The sound of rain drops cascading onto leaves… Everywhere you look, you find life, in all its varied, surprising and multi-coloured forms.

This is world of the upper and lower montane forest and rainforest ecosystem, part of the globally-important Tumbez-Chocó-Magdalena ‘hot spot’ of biodiversity. A profusion of plant species has adapted to these environments, creating an incredibly rich ecosystem of trees, vines, ferns, orchids and bromeliads, home to hundreds bird species, possibly thousands of orchid species, tens of thousands of insect species, as well as monkeys, peccaries and even puma. It’s a system which is still revealing its secrets to science, still mysterious, still magical.

Join us to discover this fascinating region, growing in fame and reputation every year – which also harbours the award-winning Mashpi Lodge.


Mashpi Lodge: a luxury cocoon in the clouds

A hideaway located on a high plateau three hours’ drive from Quito, Mashpi Lodge sits in the heart of a 1,300-hectare (3,200-acre) Reserve which harbours both cloudforest and rainforest, part of the globally-important Chocó ‘hot spot’ of biodiversity. Metropolitan Touring and Mashpi Lodge belong to the same holding group in Ecuador.

Mindo Cloud Forest, one day daily from Quito, lunch is included

Mindo Nambillo Cloud Forest Reserve in Ecuador is well known as birdwatching hot spot, The 48,000-acre (19,200 hectares) of Mindo Cloud forest is a heaven for bird watchers.

Mindo Cloud Forest 2D/1N daily from Quito, includes accommodations and all meals

The region of Mindo is within the protected Mindo-Nambillo forest, located a short two-hour drive to the northwest of Quito. Mindo cloud forest has an incredible diversity of avian fauna, particularly hummingbirds, as well as butterflies.

Tulipe: Ancient Sun Culture, full day with lunch, Wednesday to Sunday

Travel via the Equator to the cloudforests northwest of Quito to learn about the intriguing cultures that inhabited the area and erected the archaeological site called Tulipe.