Ecuador – Trekking Adventure at Pasochoa Protected Forest

Trekking adventure at Pasochoa Protected Forest (1 day, daily, from Quito) (private)


Trekking in the magnificent Pasochoa protected forest.


Explore off the beaten path of Ecuador’s many wonders; visit remote and unspoiled regions; bike, ride or trek along breathtaking scenery. If you have a zest for life, a yen for adventure, a taste for the unseen and an eye for color and beauty, Ecuador will instantly enchant you. Because of its location on the Equator and the Andes mountain ranges, Ecuador has no real seasons and it receives the most amount of sunlight on the planet. Ecuador’s unique climate allows for year-round operation of outdoor adventure programs.

Tour Details

Hike in the Pasochoa collapsed crater cloud forest at 3000 meters
Excellent interpretation trails
Area with over one hundred bird species and 50 species of original Andean trees
Home to deer, foxes and sometimes Pumas can be observed
Get to 4.400 meters to observe the collapsed crater and pristine forest.
Multiple trails for any fitness level

Bilingual guide
Private transportation
Lunch and snacks

Not Included
Pasochoa Protected Forest entrance fee

Travel Facts
Travel Time: 45 minutes from Quito, each way.
Hiking Time: 1-6 hours depending on physical condition
Season: Year-round, better views June through August.
Altitude: 9,184 to 13,120 feet (2,800 to 4,000 meters)
Avg. Temperature Day: 50-68° F/ 10-20 ºC