Rafting Adventures Toachi & Blanco Rivers 2D/1N, MT-7006



(private, 2D / 1N, daily from Quito) Includes accommodations and all meals
[littleimg alt=”Toachi-tour” imgurl=”/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Toachi-tour.jpg” width=”300px” height=”207px” caption=” “] Level: Moderate to Challenging (Class III+)
Explore off the beaten path of Ecuador’s many wonders; visit remote and unspoiled regions; bike, ride or trek along breathtaking scenery. If you have a zest for life, a yen for adventure, a taste for the unseen and an eye for color and beauty, Ecuador will instantly enchant you. Because of its location on the Equator and the Andes mountain ranges, Ecuador has no real seasons and it receives the most amount of sunlight on the planet. Ecuador’s unique climate allows for year-round operation of outdoor adventure programs.
 Day by day
Tour Details

Both the Toachi River and the Blanco river are born high in the Andean cloud forests and thunder their way west towards the tropical rain forest along the Ecuadorian Coast.  The Blanco River is named for its continuous and thunderous white-capped rapids that provide rafters with constant thrills year-round.

  • Best year-round rafting day from Quito on the coastal plains at 700 meters
  • Observe tropical rain forest at El Choco biodiverse region in the Ecuadorian west lowlands.
  • Search for cormorants, egrets, woodpeckers, toucans, and more species including the southern river otter.
  • Bilingual certified guides skilled in interpretation of wildlife and flora
  • Raft 15 to 25 kilometers of whitewater based on physical condition or water level.
  • Complete safety package
  • The Blanco River is combined or navigated alternatively based on operating conditions.
Depart Quito early and head toward the costal lowlands near Santo Domingo. The road winds through dense Andean cloud forests and descends approximately 2,500 m. After a safety briefing at our put-in, navigate 40 Km of the best whitewater west of the Andes. Depending on water levels, our rafting adventure will take between four and five hours. Later in the afternoon arrive at our hotel. Dinner will be served in a lush tropical setting.
The following morning begin our westward descent of the upper Blanco River. The Blanco later joins the thunderous Toachi, providing thrilling rapids, intense paddling, beautiful jungle scenery and a variety of bird life. At the end of our run we will enjoy a nutritious riverside lunch. Return to Quito late afternoon

Travel Facts

Travel time: 3 hours each way from Quito
Rafting Time: 3-5 hours depending on water levels each day
Season: All year
Altitute: 750 m. To 530 m.
Average Temperature: Day 18-34 °C / Night 13-17 °C

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