Towering Bogota Comes of Age

Jul 29, 2014
Towering Bogota Comes of Age
Presidential Palace
(T ZONE or Zona Rosa)
(Torres de Parque)
Bogota’s love affair with brick-built constructions has in no small way punctuated her skyline and left newer architectural offerings jostling for a place alongside the pine-covered Cerros Orientales or Eastern Mountains. The famed Bogota architect Rogelio Salmona envisioned works of art through his architecture which were at once fluid and at one with the city’s natural surroundings and one finds the smooth lines of his Torres del Parque much in keeping with the curves of the mountains. For so long there were precious few contemporary buildings of note in Bogota that could turn a head or cause a modicum of interest. Buildings went through a phase of utilitarian design without love or panache and inevitably the same could be said of the capital’s hotels. Something was lacking, perhaps it was the flow of tourism or possibly it was something they call here “la chispa” or spark? What we can say though is that in the last couple of years, thankfully, there are world class brands opening up to cater to a more discerning crowd preferring to spend time in Bogota.
Recommended additions to Bogota’s offering of hotels include the B.O.G Hotel and the well-known JW Marriott and Sofitel Victoria Regia. With these options, one can enjoy luxury in various shapes and sizes, from the B.O.G’s geometric concept style, to JW Marriott’s service and attention to detail and French elegance with a Colombian twist in the Sofitel. It’s up to you to make this difficult decision.
And of course, each one of these splendid places in which to lay your head are a stone’s throw from Bogota’s growing and impressive selection of dining options. The Zona Rosa or “T”, the Zona G or Gourmet, the Calle 85 and the Parque 93 are just minutes away from each of these hotels with all of the embarrassment of culinary riches available found in each. Spoilt for choice, you could be enjoying hearty Colombian fare in the Casa Vieja, seafood brought in that same day from the Pacific coast in Astrid and Gaston or just enjoying a quality Colombian coffee al fresco in the shade in one of the city’s many chic cafes.
The creativity, design and attention to quality service that has been applied to this new generation of Bogota hotels has pushed the capital back up the rankings in terms of where to stay and what to do. Bogota can now boast architecturally pleasing and world class accommodations. What a break from the past.
Clearly, Rogelio Salmona would approve.

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