Experience one of the world's most extraordinary rivers

Jan 27, 2015
For most of the year, the remote Caño Cristales River in Meta, Colombia, is a normal body of water, but from June to November, it transforms spectacularly into a necklace of jewel-coloured pools. Moss and algae blooms transform it into a natural rainbow of colours as it winds through the Colombian savannah, giving rise to adages like “the river that ran away from paradise”, “the river of five colours”, and “the most beautiful river in the world.”
For an aerial photo tour, check out this online presentation by well-known Colombian photographer Mario Carvajal http://round.me/tour/3044/view/8945/. The best way to see it is of course in the physical world, but this takes some effort. To get there, you first need to head to Villavicencio, a city a few hours east of Bogota. From there, you need to charter a plane to La Macarena. After that, you need to hire a guide to take you to the river. Or, simply travel there with us

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