Colombia’s Secrets – San Agustin


San Agustín

San Agustin.

Visit the incredible archeological park.

Located in the South of Colombia some 227 km (141 mi) from the capital of the department Neiva, San Agustín is a UNESCO World Heritage site of pre-Columbian archaeological significance and considered the largest such site in South America.
The archaeological park extends over a lush landscape covering 2,000 km2 and at an altitude of only 1,800 metres. Nestled in a valley by the Magdalena River; the site brings together historic cultural influences. The area is dotted with freestanding megalithic monumental statues carved of stone and left behind by a mysterious unknown pre-Columbian civilization that existed between the 6th and 14th century AD. Neither archaeology nor local folk lore provides any clues to the purpose of the fantastic stone anthropomorphic and zoomorphic statues. Scholars interpret the sculptures as metaphors indicating shamanic associations. Discover and weave around more than 500 mysterious pre-Columbian monuments in one of South America’s most fascinating archaeological sites.
This is a captivating and “must see” destination to visit. If the thirst for knowledge needs further quenching, visit the nearby site of Alto de los Idolos, far less visited, smaller but equally impressive as the archaeological park. Also within walking distance are the sites of El Tablón´, Chaquira which is dramatically set overlooking the Magdalena River, La Pelota with some coloured statues in excellent condition and El Prutal. All of these sites are situated in an area of beautiful scenery with a backdrop of waterfalls and sheer cliff faces in the foothills of the Andes.