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Colombia captivates the traveller with unique natural wonders and mysterious manmade treasures to discover. Few have visited the hidden Lost City, one of Colombia’s most important archeological sites. Marvel at the awesome beauty of the snow capped Nevado del Ruiz, an active volcano in the scenic Los Nevados National Park, or visit San Augustín where hundreds of carved stone statues stand in silence revealing the mysteries of an ancient civilization.

[tours-start] [tour img=”/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Lost-city.jpg” alt=”Colombia – Lost City” title=”Lost City” intro=”Perched on the northern slope of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta ‘Ciudad Perdida’, one of the largest pre-Colombian towns discovered in the Americas, sat in silence for four centuries. Be one of the few to visit this remarkable archaeological site with its stepped terraces, built by ancient Tayrona Indians and hidden in lush and dense tropical vegetation” readmoreurl=”/colombia/colombia-secrets/lost-city”] [tour img=”/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/San-agustin1.jpg” alt=”Colombia – San Agustin” title=”San Agustin” intro=”Bisected by the gorge formed by the Rio Magdalena some 500 statues and monuments rest across 2000 km2 of terrain that UNESCO has designated a World Heritage site of archaeological significance. Visiting this site requires a few days to truly appreciate the importance and beauty of the mysterious stone sculptures carved by an unknown and enigmatic civilisation” readmoreurl=”/colombia/colombia-secrets/san-agustin”] [tour img=”/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Ruiz-Snow-Capped-Mountain.jpg” alt=”Colombia – /colombia/colombia-secrets” title=”Ruiz Snow Capped Mountain” intro=”The stunning snow capped mountain range of the Parque Nacional los Nevados has natural but yet foreboding beauty. This is epitomised by Nevado del Ruiz where the adventurous can trek the three hour trail to the summit of the volcano where three craters slumber and ooze plumes of steam to occasional remind the traveller of its dormant power” readmoreurl=”/colombia/colombia-secrets/ruiz-snow-capped-mountain”] [tours-end]
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