Mapu Lahual – Rich Biodiversity

The Mapu Lahualterritory has a vast area of temperate rainforest rich in biodiversity. The wide variety of native species found in this area stems in part from its history as glacier retreat. The Cordillera de la Costa in these regions was not reached by the last major glaciations occurred about 12,000 years ago, which, however, did affect the Andes and Central Valley. Thus, the ancient coastal forests were places from which various species of flora and fauna recolonized the Intermediate Depression and the Andes.
Mapu Lahual is inserted in the Cordillera de la Costa in the Lakes & Volcanoes Region, together with the River Region, are the last major expansion of primary coastal forest, ie no or barely tapped. Further north, these forests have virtually disappeared from the Cordillera de la Costa.
Mapu Lahual encompasses many elements that ensure adequate conservation of marine biodiversity of the Temperate Pacific South East, since it is located in a transitional zone between two major ocean provinces: the warm-temperate region in the subtropical north and the Cold Temperate Region sub-Antarctic south. Because of this, has a biodiversity that is hardly met in one area along the southeastern Pacific coast.
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