Chile – Santiago and Central Valleys: Ski Centers


Santiago is attractive to foreigners not only because of what it offers within the city limits, but also thanks to the beauty and proximity of four of the most important ski resorts of the country. These resorts have different ski runs that with the quality of the snow and excellent infrastructure permit tourist to enjoy a spectacular stay especially during the months of June to October. Located in privileged places by the beauty of its landscape, where you can go skiing, snowboard and helisky (in most of them), it is also possible to enjoy the comfortable and complete infrastructure and equipment of the resort which offers lodging, catering, ski schools and night entertainment.
Tourists can also rent ski equipment, have a good time in its pubs, bars, cafeteria, parking lots, and in case of any inconvenience it also has a medical clinic. Three of these ski resorts are located to the west of Santiago, an hour away by car, and after 40 km of distance you are in the Andean Mountain Range; its ski runs are interconnected, transforming the area in the widest skiing place of the Southern hemisphere.


Farellones – El Colorado

These are the most frequented ones because of the nearness from the capital. 40 km and 45 km respectively, at 2.800 m above sea level and with an unevenness of 903 m. The area has small hotels and rental apartments.

La Parva

Located at 2.700 m height and some 50 k away from Santiago, this winter ski resort is the highest visited one for the amount of cottages and private departments designed with a beautiful mountain like architecture, to be rented for the season.

Valle Nevado

It is 60 km to the east of Santiago, at 2.700 m above sea level and 14 km inside Farellones. It is the most modern ski resort of all. Starting out from Farellones, at Curve 40, a paved road leads to the resort’s spectacular hotels with 800 hundred bed and ski instructions and all kind of facilities that makes the tourists’ stay the most exciting experience.


It is located 145 km to the Northeast of Santiago, at 2.885 m above sea level. It has a hotel with different types of accommodation and also the Octagonal and Inca Lodges. The World Ski Championship was held there in the year 1996, during which many International records were beaten.

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