A Stop at Cormorant Point: Golden Glaze Goodbye

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It’s the end of our expedition in the Galapagos Islands aboard the Santa Cruz II  cruise.  One could almost say that the universe is fully aware of it during our stop at Cormorant Point: rolling out the farewell for us in the form of a shining sun and golden rays that gild the scenery around us. American flamingos walk through this stunning sight, with their vivid colors making it all seem like we’re standing inside of a living fresco painting. It was during our stop at Cormorant Point that we got to witness several beautiful things, but not before doing plenty of other fun activities that same day.

Mondays at Floreana: The Island’s Bounty of Activities and Sights

Sea Lion At Cormorant Point.
There Are Plenty Of Activities You Can Enjoy At Cormorant Point.

Mondays are a treat on Floreana Island, with various activities available for practically every type of taste. There’s also a lot of animal activity to witness.

The morning consisted of some kayaking and snorkeling over at Post Office Bay. While some of us partook in these activities, other guests settled down and sunk their toes into the sand by the shore and watched us paddle by. All our guests are always welcome to simply relax on the beautiful beach, and many of them did exactly that!

Afterward, we headed over to Champion Islet to get a little wetter and inspect the sea life underwater. Snorkeling is the best way to do this, as it is a rather relaxing exercise that gives us an incredible window into the lives of all the fishes and plants life as we gently float over it! For those not wishing to get wet, a glass-bottom boat is always an option!

The Golden Hour During Our Stop at Cormorant Point

Our late afternoon sunset was spent in a golden glow that seemed to cover everything, even the life underwater. Amusingly, a group of blue-footed boobies (which always seem to be big fans of cameras) gathered right by us, almost begging us to take their photo. Not far from where we were, by the pond, American flamingos stood wading in the golden waters, looking like pink candies that had been placed over a golden wrapper.

Despite their distance from us, we could hear them squawking amongst themselves, almost as if they were secretly commenting on our presence. Nevertheless, it didn’t stop us from enjoying this magnificent moment where the energy of nature and all of its sounds magically bring us closer to this wonderful place.

The lighting is gorgeous. The temperature in the air is perfect too. We’re all left in awe by the beauty of it, so much that our guide, almost hyper-aware of the energies, allows nature to speak for itself and keeps his silence so as not to stop us from enjoying this magical moment.

It’s always a bittersweet moment on the last day of the expedition, for none of us ever quite knows for sure when (or even if) we’ll ever come back here. Nevertheless, the place seems even more special as a result. And any offer to ever come back here, to this dreamlike place, will almost surely be met with a resounding “yes, please!”

Updated:June 19, 2023

Published:April 20, 2017


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