A Great Show at Española Island!

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SKY HIGH, 21-June-2016: It is amazing how much the weather can change in a very short period of time. That is exactly what happened here in the Galapagos Islands as there was a spring tidal that lasted for four days and it made the waters of the usually calm Pacific Ocean take a turn for the worst and caused it to have unusually big waves to form and hit the islands. It was such big change that our entire expedition team was surprised to see the ocean so rough.  Concerned about the safety of all our guests our expedition leader decided to go with a couple of naturalist guides to check if it was safe to land on Española Island.


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Disembarking in Española Island

After careful deliberation our team gave us green light to disembark, luckily the visit to Española island was not cancelled. This is a pretty special place as it is the only island where we would have been able to see the Albatross which were there and in big numbers.  We were fortunate enough to get to see such an amazing bird take off both from land and also jumping of the edge of a cliff but what made this visit even more special was that because of the weather conditions and the size of the waves once we got to the opposite side of our landing in the island, we got to see an amazing show.

There is a spot down low near the water that you can see from the top of the cliff and when the waves hit the rocks and the water level rises slowly a spray of water shoots up from the rock in an exuberant way…it is quite a show to see!  Because of the size of the waves the water was spraying from the blowhole with so much more force than normal and reaching incredible heights, not to mention the sounds that were produced by the force of the water hitting the rocks.  This was definitively a next level water show to witness at Española Island.

We’ll be in touch shortly setting up a time to talk – over email, phone or video call.
We’ll be in touch shortly setting up a time to talk – over email, phone or video call.

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Published:July 13, 2016