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The Royal Tour is an innovative series of television specials, produced and hosted by Emmy Award-winning journalist and CBS News Travel Editor Peter Greenberg, showcasing nations in a way no visitor has ever seen them before: guided by heads of state. Past hosts have included the King of Jordan, the Prime Minister of New Zealand, the Prime Minister of Israel, and the presidents of Mexico and Peru.

This latest edition, Ecuador: The Royal Tour, constitutes the seventh in this series of specials. With four camera crews, Peter journeys deep inside Ecuador to offer viewers an all-access pass to Ecuador’s historic landmarks and cultural experiences, accompanied by the President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa.

This special adventure presents Mr. Correa as the ultimate guide. For a whole week, he showed off the best of his country with activities like swimming with piranha in the Amazon rainforest, whale watching off the coast of Manta, shopping like a local in rural towns in the Andean Mountains, visiting the President’s hometown of Guayaquil and the school he used to attend as a child, touring a cacao plantation farm, and diving with sharks in the Galapagos Islands.

Peter Greenberg commented that this special will draw American travellers to discover this amazingly diverse South American country and unveil its secrets.
We are delighted to inform that Ecuador: The Royal Tour premiered on Thursday, April 12. The programme is presented by WTTW Chicago and airs in the days and weeks to follow on public television stations nationwide in the US (check your local listing).

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