When is it a good time to travel to Ecuador, the Amazon, the Coast and/or Galapagos? 

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Ecuador: the small and humble Andean nation along our planet’s equator. Full of recurring weather patterns that are as mesmerizing as they are whimsical and relatively mild. 
It might seem like a simple thing, but the answer to the question 

When is it a good time to travel to Ecuador, the Amazon, the Coast and/or Galapagos?

remains as varied as its 4 different regions (not seasons!). The short and simple answer, however, would be to travel to Ecuador and the Amazon whenever your heart desires, for most of the country enjoys relatively mild and stable weather patterns throughout the entire year. It’s also definitely worth mentioning that living so close to the equator (and even directly over it, in some areas) does offer some pretty nice perks in terms of climate, one of which is the lack of seasonal variation. The most notable advantage might be the fact that we don’t have four defined seasons (like most countries situated north and south of the Earth’s bulge). In fact, Ecuador really only has two distinct seasons: rainy and dry.  

  • Rainier periods in the highlands tend to be from October to May (with a brief dry period from mid-November to the end of December known as veranillo). 
  • Rainier periods in the Amazon tend to be from April to September.  
  • Rainier periods along the coast last from December to May.  
  • Mildly rainier periods in Galapagos occur during the first half of the year (January to June).


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Regardless of when you choose to come, travelers will be wise to remember that always having an umbrella or raincoat handy (regardless of whether the day starts off sunny) is a prudent way of being prepared for whatever may come. Wearing layers in the highlands is another way of bracing yourself for the whimsical temperatures that come and go throughout the day. Last but definitely not least: Sunscreen, sunscreen, and sunscreen. Living along one of the highest points on Earth is both beautiful and mildly concerning given just how close we are to our brilliant friend, The Sun. Consequently, it’s always wise to protect yourself from the unequivocally harsher UV rays that befall this Andean nation (even moreso if you’re up in the highlands) to avoid that vacation-ruining sunburn.

Sunny Landscape At The Galapagos Islands.
Great Year-Round Weather In The Galapagos Islands!

What’s the Weather like in Ecuador (General)?

Due to Ecuador’s varying altitudes, climatic regions throughout the country differ from one another quite drastically. The nice thing is that this results in some of the most varied landscapes and wildlife that can be found within a relatively modest area, making this little Andean country one of the most biodiverse places on Earth! The 4 regions of Ecuador are as follows: 

  • Andean Region (Highlands) 
  • Amazon Basin 
  • Coastal Region  
  • Insular Region (Galapagos) 

Visitors will be able to experience cool and dry temperatures close to zero degrees in places such as the highlands and the surrounding snow-capped volcanoes. Head down even lower and you’ll be welcomed by humidity and heat along the coast and Amazon regions, quickly reminding you that you are indeed in a tropical country. The coastal region, the Amazon basin and the Galapagos Islands exhibit some of the highest temperatures in Ecuador throughout most of the year.  

What’s the Weather like up in the Highlands of Ecuador?

The highlands enjoy more moderate temperatures that range from 7 °C to 21 °C (45 °F to 70 °F). It’s up here, especially in Quito, that you’ll find that temperatures vary drastically throughout the span of a single day. Visitors here can expect intense sunlight and thunderstorms within hours of each other. The rainier season in the Andes usually lasts from October to May while the drier season goes from June to October. During this period, weather is predominantly characterized by strong winds and clear nights.  

Cotopaxi Volcano In Ecuador.
Amazing View Of The Cotopaxi Volcano In The Highlands Of Ecuador.

What’s the Weather like in the Amazon of Ecuador?

Weather in the Amazon (often referred to as the Oriente in Spanish) is considerably hotter and more humid than the rest of Ecuador. Temperatures here typically oscillate between the high 20’s and low 30’s °C (80 – 90 °F). It’s not all that uncommon for heavy showers to move quickly across these densely forested lands during the whole year. Nevertheless, they do come and go rather fast, meaning you’ll get a proper, if not heavier, dose of sunshine too. The only time of year you’ll see a pronounced amount of rain is between the months of April and September, which isn’t actually all that bad when you’re looking to get a break from the hot and blistering Amazonian sun. Keep in mind that many of the lodges in the Amazon are accessed via motorized canoe, so be prepared to seal your bags and put on a poncho should the rains choose to roll in on your way there. Same goes for lodge excursions throughout the day.  

Canoe Trip In The Amazon Rainforest River.
The Amazon Rainforest Has Incredible River Expeditions!

Keep in mind that needing to head out so far to enjoy what the Ecuadorian jungle has to offer isn’t always a necessity. The beautiful and equally lush jungle of Ecuador awaits at Mashpi Lodge, which is just a stone’s throw away from the capital city of Quito!  

Andean Choco Reserve Landscape.
Amazing Dawn View In The Andean Choco Reserve.

What’s the Weather like along the Coast of Ecuador?

The coastal region’s temperature oscillates between 22°C and 28°C (72°F to 82°F), with winter (the rainy season) lasting from May to December and summer (dry season) from June to December. It’s not uncommon to find the coast covered in a thick, foggy mist known as garua during the wetter months, often covering up the sunshine that visitors typically go to bask under.  

El Salado Boardwalk In Guayaquil.
Stunning Sunset In El Salado Boardwalk In Guayaquil!

What’s the Weather like in Galapagos?

The Galapagos Islands really only experience two distinct weather patterns, one of which is the hot season during the first half of the year while the other is the dry season during the latter half. Acting as two bookends to these two seasons are “transition months” during the month of December and July. Hot season sees the islands turn green and experience hotter water temperatures, while the dry season sees a notable decrease in rainfall, more arid terrain and cooler water temperatures.  

Weather In The Galapagos Islands.
Plan A Trip To The Galapagos Islands Any Day Of The Year!

So now you know! The answer to the question of when is it a good time to travel to Ecuador remains as inviting and exciting as ever! There’s no better time than today, tomorrow, next week, or next month to come visit this beautiful country!
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