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A vacation always implies a compilation of unique experiences. In the case of the Galapagos Islands, when you visit this enchanting place, there really is no way to tell what you will experience, but we are certain that holidays in the Galapagos worth the while. It really doesn’t matter how demanding you are: Galapagos travel defeats expectations. No matter how much you’ve studied for your Galapagos vacations, something will surely take you by surprise. Here is a list of things that may just happen to you the next time you book a Galapagos cruise tour vacation: what’s “hot” about Galapagos travel and why you must have a visit (or revisit, if the case may be!)

Galapagos Aquatic Activities Include Snorkeling
In The Galapagos Islands, You Can Enjoy Underwater Activities. Have You Ever Snorkeled With Sea Lions?

Experience the best of Galapagos

– Witnessing the rituals of a gigantic sea turtle laying her eggs

– A hefty pelican eyeing your piña colada from the handrail (for ten minutes)

– Joining the captain at the bridge to experience the crossing of the equator

– And seeing the turquoise glow over the horizon at sunset in the largest ocean on Earth

– Or swimming with the cutest of baby sea lions

– And sunbathing on a black beach

– And then on a green beach

– And then on a red beach?

– “Next to a hunting heron, a sleeping sea lion and one hundred lazy marine iguanas”

– “And then taking your swim with the mother sea turtle”

– and maybe even with the mother of the cutest of baby sea lions as well!

And that’s really just for starters. Galapagos cruise tours vacations offer an infinite number of highlights and inspiring stories, so if these aren’t the ones you come across on your Galapagos holidays, others will surely come to you, usually much more awe-inspiring than what you could ever expect!

Updated:June 21, 2023

Published:July 28, 2015


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