What Should I Wear on a Galapagos Cruise? The 3 Outfits You’ll Be Sporting in Galapagos

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When it comes to deciding on what to wear on a Galapagos cruise, it’s always important to remember that the Galapagos Islands are an Expedition Destination. This means that a trip to the archipelago offers one of the most hands-on and up-close adventures you’ll ever have when it comes to experiencing a destination. That being said, it’s vital that guests be aware that any type of fancy or formal attire is the last thing you’ll be needing on a Galapagos cruise, as you’re going to be out and about exploring the islands throughout the greater part of the day!

So what should I wear on a Galapagos Cruise?

The Three Ideal Outfits To Wear On A Galapagos Cruise.
To Make The Most Out Of Your Galapagos Cruise Experience, Don´t Forget To Pack These Three Main Outfits!

Each component of our Galapagos expeditions has its own unique look and feel when it comes to selecting a proper outfit. So, if you’re wondering what to wear on a Galapagos cruise, follow along as we list and detail the 3 primary looks you’ll need to pack for.

What should I wear for a Galapagos excursion?

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This is the look you’ll be sporting throughout the greater part of your day in the Galapagos. As such, it’s important that these clothes be a.) lightweight and b.) neutrally-colored (bright, flashy colors disturb the wildlife and/or may attract certain insects).

1. Hat or cap and sunglasses: A wide-brimmed hat will come in handy to keep your head and face shielded from the bright Galapagos sun. Make sure it has a neck strap (strong breezes might try to steal it!).
2. Backpack: Bring a backpack or daypack (or purchase one directly at our onboard boutique) to keep your water bottle, camera, sunblock and towel inside of.
3. Sunglasses: A good pair of sunglasses (with UV protection) will keep your eyes protected from the harsh UV rays that descend upon the lands of Galapagos and reflect off the water, too. Just like with your hat, make sure they have their own set of neck straps.
4. Long-sleeve shirt: Lightweight and breathable long-sleeve shirts. As is the case with pants, we always recommend protecting yourself from the sun via the clothing you wear. Should things get too hot, you can always roll up those sleeves!
Click here to see long-sleeve shirts! Remember you can also acquire them at our onboard boutique!
5. Walking Stick: We provide our guests with walking sticks that they can take with them during their explorations.
6. Water Bottle: Keeping hydrated is a must in Galapagos. That’s why we provide all our guests with a courtesy, stainless-still water bottle. These are refillable aboard our vessels at designated water stations.
7. Trekking Pants: Cotton or synthetic trekking pants or shorts will do. Why do we suggest wearing pants in a hot place? Simply because it’s always wisest – especially on the equator – to keep as much of your body protected from the sun as possible. Bonus points if the pants are zip-off/convertible shorts, should things get too hot throughout your day in Galapagos. Extra bonus points if they’re quick-dry pants/shorts, too! Alternatively, guests can opt to wear their swimming shorts throughout the hiking excursion. Such a choice allows them to slip into the cool, refreshing waters of Galapagos right after their hike.
Here’s an example of convertible trekking pants.
8. Comfortable Socks: A breathable pair of hiking socks. Pack a fresh, dry pair for every day of your itinerary.
9. Swimsuit: Make sure to wear a comfortable swimsuit underneath your wetsuit or long-sleeve shirt.
10. Sport Sandals / Hiking Shoes: Terrain throughout the Galapagos Islands consists of sand, gravel and/or volcanic rocks, so always be sure to wear a proper pair of comfortable and sturdy hiking boots/shoes (no flip-flops, please!) to hike across the islands with. Trails are marked and well-established, but keep in mind that they can also be uneven in certain parts. Also: unless you’re OK with getting your boots and/or socks soaked during wet landings, then be sure to bring a pair of tough, water-resistant sandals that you can temporarily use to disembark the dinghy with.
Here are some ideas of hiking shoes! And to disembark from the dinghy, wear these types of sandals.
11. Light windbreaker/rain jacket: The Galapagos will rarely get cold. Unless you’re venturing into the highlands where it’s cooler, this is nothing more than a precautionary item that we recommend carrying along. Light rains are, at most, seen only throughout the Hot Season and will only last a few hours.

Wondering how difficult our activities are in the Galapagos Islands? Click here to find out!

What should I wear during Galapagos aquatic activities?

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Note: Aquatic activities are optional. Alternatives will be offered to our guests in the form of rides aboard our glass-bottom boat and/or coastal explorations aboard our dinghies.
The Galapagos Islands are regarded as one of the best places in the world to go snorkeling! Consequently, it’s no surprise that our multi-guided vessels offer a wide variety of simultaneous aquatic activities throughout the day! These can range from snorkeling to kayaking all the way to paddle boarding, even! So, if you’re going to get wet, it’s best to dress the part! Here’s a look at the swimwear and gear that we recommend for Galapagos.

1. Snorkeling Mask: We will provide you with a complete snorkeling mask, free of charge.
2. Long-sleeve Wetsuit: If the Galapagos waters are too chilly for you (average: 25 °C /77 °F) then be sure to try on a long-sleeve wetsuit (Note: these are available for rent aboard all of our vessels. In the case of our Yacht La Pinta, wetsuits are already included in the price).
3. Swimsuit: Comfortable swimsuit to swim and snorkel around in.
4. Snorkeling Fins: Fins are included as part of the snorkeling gear, free of charge.
5. Sunblock: Ocean-safe sunblock (if you opt for a wetsuit, you’ll only need to apply this over the areas of your body that remain exposed).
6. Towel: Our vessels provide our guests with these, free of charge.

How should I dress for a Galapagos cruise breakfast/lunch/dinner?

What should I wear on board? This is a commonly asked question. At the end of your adventurous day, you’ll definitely be ready to head back to your home-away-from-home to relax and reflect on everything you’ve just experienced. That’s right, in spite of the Galapagos being an Expedition Destination, you’ll definitely have time to partake in your fair share of relaxing activities aboard our Galapagos cruises during select parts of the day (noon and evening).
And while doing so, all you need to know is that the only dress code we have aboard our three vessels is:

Guests are not allowed to enter the restaurant/dining areas barefoot, shirtless and/or wet.
No formal or fancy attire is required to enter and eat at our onboard restaurants.

How Should I Dress For A Galapagos Cruise Dinner?
Here Is A Good Onboard Outfit For A Galapagos Cruise!

Other than that, you’re free to dress as comfortably as you please! Here’s some pointers for what to wear while you’re onboard:
1. Casual, comfortable clothing:

  • Ladies: t-shirts, blouses, pants, shorts, skirts or dresses.
  • Men: shorts, jeans, pants, t-shirts or button-up shirts.

2. Casual footwear: Sneakers or non-slip sandals (i.e. Crocs)

KEEP IN MIND: Many of the items mentioned above can be purchased at our onboard boutiques.

Updated:June 22, 2023

Published:July 10, 2018


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