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Spring Break Family Vacation in Galapagos: An Excellent Time to Have a Blast

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School’s halfway through, winter is finally making its gradual but welcome departure, memories of sun and fun tease your thoughts, almost beckoning you to break free from the chill of wintertime and reignite those adventures sooner rather than later.
And April. April awaits, like the perfect bridge between winter and spring, April brings with it a gateway into worlds and adventures that go beyond everyone’s dreams, all in the form of the extraordinary Galapagos – the perfect destination for a family adventure during Spring Break.


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Put simply: April is the time and the destination for a Spring Break Family Vacation in Galapagos, thanks in large part to the unique weather patterns and increased animal activity that are seen during this month. Spring Break also offers families the ideal amount of time to spend in Galapagos, meaning the kids have the perfect opportunity to hop along for the ride and experience the Enchanted Islands – a land of extraordinary and iconic marvels.
So follow along in this blog as we warm you up to the idea that maybe, just maybe, it’s the perfect time to start considering a Spring Break Family Vacation in Galapagos, because we’re positively sure it will serve as a fantastic and unforgettable chapter next year!

All those wildlife documentaries and YouTube videos that your family has seen…

Get ready to LIVE them during your Spring Break Family Vacation in Galapagos!  

Family Vacations In Galapagos.
Experience A Unique Family Vacation During One Of The Most Beautiful Times Of The Year In Galapagos.

Imagine stepping into a world that sees animals hanging around your presence without a single drop of fear in their blood, ambling around you with their vividly-colored bodies and peculiar serenade of noises. The kids are guaranteed to be dazzled by just how Disney-like this all feels, with animals playfully skirting around them in the water or curiously ambling up to them and gawking up at their fascinated faces, all of it with some of the most iconic and endemic species that exist on this planet!
It might all even inspire an odd sense of déjà vu in some, as many of our guests that come here have seen this all before, somewhere else. But not here, not in real life. No. It’s only on their screens back home or in a magazine at the dentist’s office (with bold headlines that probably read: The Galapagos Islands – A Land of Enchantment and Unparalleled Encounters) that they’ve seen all this.
By stepping foot here in Galapagos, our guests eliminate that virtual window that gave them a sneak peek back home. By entering the world of Galapagos, our guests unlock one of the most visceral, eye-opening experiences one can have on this planet. That’s why it’s often regarded as the experience of a lifetime! The Enchanted Islands are bound to create memories that even the youngest are guaranteed to hold close to them for the rest of their lives!

Kid On A Galapagos Adventure.
Fun Is Guaranteed For Every Member Of The Family!

But wait, why exactly is Spring Break such a great time to go spend a family vacation in the Galapagos?

Short Answer: You’ll get to dazzle your and your family’s senses with the colors of Galapagos!


By this point in the year, the surrounding heat of Galapagos is finally beginning to simmer down, giving the archipelago a near “al dente” feel as your toes comfortably slide into the still-warm (yet cooling) waters of the archipelago.

Cerro Dragon On Santa Cruz Island.
Escape From The Daily Grind To Enjoy This Amazing Destination.

As hints of the oncoming Dry Season in Galapagos begin to appear (a season which won’t really go into full effect until June/July), some rather spectacular things can be witnessed during April in Galapagos. For starters, elements of the hot season and the dry season begin to appear. In a certain sense, April in Galapagos is a mesmerizing month for guests to watch and behold as seasons collide in Galapagos, with tropical showers one day, followed by distinctly calm and tranquil seas the next day. In spite of this meteorological “tug-of-war,” the Galapagos Islands experience some of their clearest skies seen throughout the whole year.

Weather Galapagos Cactus.
Stunning Landscapes Are Guaranteed In The Galapagos!


As the water is just now beginning to get cooler, our guests will find – either through their snorkeling goggles or the see-through floor of our glass-bottom boats – that there’s plenty of reef- and open-water fish actively swimming around. The arrival of colder waters also means that humpback whales are likely swimming around Galapagos.
Why do colder waters entail such increased levels of underwater activity? Be sure to find out with our blog on Upwellings in Galapagos!

Snorkel With Sea Lions.
Snorkeling With Galapagos Sea Lions Is A Thrilling Experience.

Meanwhile, on land, it’s the end of the “food crisis” from the year prior that resulted from the Dry Season. This means that many species will now take advantage of just how bountiful the islands are (which are now teeming with vegetation and the color green) and begin to invest in acts of courtship. Such reproductive intensity during April means you’re even more likely to personally witness everything you’ve ever watched in wildlife documentaries about Galapagos!

Boobies Galapagos Courtship Display.
Admire The Blue-Footed Boobies As They Perform Their Courtship Dance.

An example of this is seen in the arrival of the waved albatross. April sees the biggest bird in Galapagos making its way back to the southeastern areas of Galapagos in droves after spending the past few months out at sea. Guests are likely to spot them engaging in their hypnotizing courtship display as they try to link back up with their long-lost mate.
A small but substantial number of Galapagos albatrosses might even be laying eggs at this point. But, perhaps even more amazing, is that some are laying non-fertilized eggs – Mother Nature’s fascinating way of regulating and controlling the population of albatrosses in Galapagos. The laying of an unfertilized egg also helps strengthen the bond between mates, regardless of whether or not they actually end up having a baby.

Galapagos Albatross.
You May Be Lucky To Witness Galapagos Albatrosses Laying Their Eggs!

During late afternoons, guests might even be fortunate enough to watch as sea turtle eggs emerge and crawl out of their buried nests along the shores of Galapagos. Sites that often host this exciting event are:

  • Urbina Bay
  • Cormorant Point
  • Las Bachas
  • Bartolome
Sea Turtle Galapagos Islands.
You Might Also Be Incredibly Lucky To Witness Baby Sea Turtles Right After Hatching!

Sea lion pups are also busy waddling around and attempting to go for a proper dip (read: learn to swim) in Galapagos waters. Certain sea lion colonies even have dedicated “sea lion nurseries,” wherein sea lion mothers all basically leave their pups in one group while they go off and hunt for food.

Sea Lion Pup Nurseries Galapagos
Adorable Sea Lion Pups In Galapagos.

Certain visitor sites, such as Cormorant Point, are shrouded in the color pink too! The gorgeous and eclectic American flamingos are actively exhibiting their extraordinary courtship display en masse. That’s right! While categorized as a monogamous species, these flamboyantly-colored birds have one final “great party” before they pair up with their partner. This means they huddle together and march across the lagoon as one big group!
The elegant blue-footed boobies have their colorful “feet full” as couples are busy working together to incubate their eggs, too!

Galapagos American Flamingos.
Discover The Lovely American Flamingos.

Alright, that all sounds pretty great, but…

As a family, how exactly will we all get to experience all of this during our Spring Break Family Vacation in Galapagos?

What types of activities are offered?

Guided hikes in the company of an expert Naturalist Guide. Snorkeling alongside sea turtles and sea lions. Biking in the highlands of Santa Cruz Island. Kayaking or paddleboarding over the emerald waters of Galapagos and ogling the aquatic life below. A glass-bottom boat for all those that prefer a more “dry” vantage point. That or an up-close exploration of the glorious coasts of Galapagos aboard our pangas (inflatable dinghies). This is but a taste of all the ways you’ll get to experience the Galapagos in the company of our expert crew and, of course, your family!

Group Of Guests On Floreana Island In The Galapagos
Enjoy The Galapagos Shores In Company Of Your Family!

Interested in finding out what the kids will be doing in the Galapagos during your time there? Then be sure to check out our blog about Activities for Kids in the Galapagos Islands.
When it comes to a Family Vacation in Galapagos, there are substantial benefits to exploring the islands aboard our multi-guided Expedition Vessels and Yachts. These have the added benefit of catering to the desires of each and every one of our guests, be they based on interest and/or age.

Family Kayaking In Galapagos.
Enjoy The Wonderful Activities We Have For You.

A multi-guided vessel has the added benefit of being able to offer a greater variety of simultaneous activities on any given day. For example, during a day on Santa Cruz Island, science aficionados can choose to check out the Charles Darwin Research Station while the more active guests can opt for a hike to Tortuga Bay – one of the most beautiful beaches in the entire world. Such options are made possible thanks to the presence of multiple guides aboard our ships! Single guided boats, on the other hand, would literally force all guests aboard the ship to partake in the same, single activity.
When you reach out to our sales agents, be sure to ask about the early bird special that we have for Spring Break Family Vacations 2019! They’ll be sure to put together a nice little package for you, if you’re interested in coming during this amazing time!
So what are you waiting for? Get ready and start planning your Galapagos Islands experience and share this wonderful destination with the whole family!

Family In The Galapagos Islands.
Your Perfect Family Vacation Awaits In The Galapagos!
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Javier Garcia

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