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As working adults, we all usually wake up at the same time, have coffee, go to our jobs, chat with our co-workers, go back home (or for a beer every once in a while), cook some dinner and go back to bed. It may sound tedious, but there is something comforting to be found in these everyday patterns that allow us to set goals, plan ahead, and look forward to something new every once in a while.  Inviting change into our lives may not be an easy task, but getting caught up in routine definitely is. The latter tends to feel cozy and safe. But change is the nature of time. And it is through change that we are able to grow and discover different versions of ourselves that we didn’t know we had. It’s through the act of planning ahead that we can project our dreams and fantasies. Places and people come to mind, and there are many of us out there that have Galapagos whispering to us in the back of our heads, inviting us to go visit. Do you want to live a reality like never before? Break from the routine and rediscover yourself? Then let the Santa Cruz II Galapagos cruise be the one to whisk you away from your current pattern of life and take you to an enchanted group of isles that’s unlike anything you’ve ever known or experienced. Get ready for your first day aboard the Santa Cruz II!

Guests With A Galapagos Giant Tortoise.
Our Guests With The Most Iconic Species Of The Galapagos Islands.

A Galapagos Experience

Immediately after arriving at the archipelago, you are welcomed by the most attentive naturalist guides and crew. A short dingy ride away and your board one of the Galapagos most beautiful and amazing cruises – the Santa Cruz II. You are greeted by the rest of the crew, a cold beverage, a refreshingly moist towel, and promptly escorted to your cabin (where your luggage is already waiting for you).


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After the welcome talk, an amazing lunch buffet, and the first briefing, guests go back to their rooms, get their cameras, put on some comfortable walking shoes, and get ready for their first Galapagos adventure. On every itinerary, you can expect to have an afternoon adventure on your first day. Why? Because when you’re in the Galapagos, there simply is no time to waste when there is so much to go out and see!

Naturalist Guides In Galapagos
Charming, Knowledgeable, Fun… What Else Could You Ask For When It Comes To A Thorough Exploration Of The Islands?

A Galapagos Afternoon

Groups are made before boarding the dingies, sometimes according to age or language. Because Santa Cruz II is a multi-guided vessel, groups are able to receive a much better and complete experience. There is no need to wait for a translation or feel forced to spend your days in the Galapagos with companions you might not have much in common with. You might be a member of the group named: Dolphins, Frigates, Cormorants, Boobies, or Iguanas (among others). Either way, you are guaranteed to meet an amazing group of people with whom you’ll end up sharing this incredible experience.

For each of the three itineraries, the first-afternoon activity will be different (as these will visit different islands and regions of the archipelago). In the case of the Western Islands itinerary, the first visit is to the wildlife-packed island of North Seymour. A dry landing is the first step and beginning of a very easy, accessible trek that will take you through booby and frigate nesting areas, land iguana resting spots, and other Big15 animals you’ll instantly be able to check off of your Big15 list!

Galapagos Marine Iguana Basking Under The Sun.
The Marine Iguana Is Part Of Our Big15 Group Of Galapagos Iconic Species.

After an amazing first outing, you will come back aboard the ship before the night sets in and you’ll also find cold beverages and delicious little snacks waiting for you upon your return (an everyday occurrence after every activity). There will be enough time for you to get cozy in one of Santa Cruz’s two hot tubs, watch the sunset or take a shower before dinner. Note: Galapagos sunsets are something to behold, so have your camera with you as often as possible!

A perfect first day aboard the Santa Cruz II

A perfectly-prepared pisco sour will be waiting for you during the welcome cocktail, which is a small event where the crew and naturalist guides introduce themselves along with your onboard doctor and chef. No trip would be the same without the guarantee that your health will be taken care of. One of the most important factors that differentiate a regular trip from an amazing, out-of-this-world experience is the food.

Crew Of Santa Cruz Ii Galapagos Cruise
Santa Cruz’S Captain And Crew

And believe us when we say that our Austrian chef aboard the Santa Cruz II will surpass a number of culinary expectations as he delights you with local and international dishes. Imagine the most intense and expertly-crafted flavors, all of them experience within the setting of the most exotic islands in the world aboard a vessel that will make you feel entirely at home. That is exactly what every meal will be like on the Santa Cruz II. At lunchtime, the Santa Cruz II maître will present you with the menu for later that evening and ask you to choose from one of two entrées and four main dishes. After a full day of activities, action, and surprises, a 5-star hotel dinner will be the perfect way to end your very first day aboard the Santa Cruz II.

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Only then will you be able to understand what we mean when we say that you will be whisked away from reality and away from your routine. And only then will you feel yourself become one with nature.

So, are you ready to be the adventurer you always knew you were?

Updated:November 22, 2023

Published:June 21, 2017

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