Learn More About Our Galapagos Cruises

Metropolitan Touring pioneered travel to the Galapagos in the 1960s. We pride ourselves on the quality of our expedition cruises and our commitment to giving our guests an unforgettable experience. Our cruises are:
Santa Cruz II
Santa Cruz II: Scheduled to replace its predecessor -the MV Santa Cruz- in October 2015, this 50-cabin cruise brings a chic new way to explore the wonders of the Galapagos Islands in comfort. The boat offers smaller tour groups, higher passenger space ratio and a waste-water treatment plant. We’ll still have the best itineraries and activities to cater different needs.
yacht la pinta
La Pinta: With the biggest cabins of any Galapagos vessel, it offers full week itineraries with intense days of exploration and relaxing evenings for the ultimate luxurious expedition in the Galapagos.

yacht isabela II
Isabela II: A classic, comfortable yacht to visit the main sites in the Galapagos. Its flawless service provides an unforgettable experience.

We guarantee you that after experiencing our cruises, you will be inspired and changed by nature.
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