What kind of activities and entertainment services are available for kids on a Galapagos cruise?

Overhead, on land and in the water, kids in Galapagos are sure to have their senses completely saturated with wonder and amusement.
Let’s not forget: the Galapagos are living laboratory of evolution. This means that children will get a continuous and up-close experience of highly unusual and mesmerizing animals, all just mere inches away from their very own eyes! And all of it in the company of our highly informative, fun and educational guides!
activities for kids on galapagos cruises

A Plethora of Activities for Kids on a Galapagos Cruise

kids galapagos cruiseFrom lounging out on the beach beside sea lions to walking next to giant tortoises (that might even be larger than they are!), the Galapagos will both humble and amuse kids in the most natural and astounding way possible. The only thing you’ll have to worry about when it comes to these amazing creatures is making sure the kids don’t touch them (find out why that’s a big no no in this blog)!
Not to mention: the terrain here will absolutely make them feel like astronauts on a completely foreign and volcanically-active planet.
Just imagine how many photos and videos the kids will have to show off at school when they get back! No one will believe they actually got to snorkel right beside tropical penguins and sea lions until they show everyone the videos of their adventure!

snorkeling activities for kids on a galapagos cruise

Beautiful sandy beaches dominate the majority of Galapagos, allowing parents to relax as the little ones frolic around in the nearby waters. 

When it comes to activities for kids on a Galapagos cruise, what do we do each day?

Our vessels in Galapagos have two different excursions per each half of the day. These excursions will keep the kids mentally and physically entertained via: hiking, kayaking, snorkeling, paddleboard or – in the case of those that prefer not to take a dip – coastal explorations (aboard an inflatable dinghy) and admiring the underwater wonders via our glass-bottom boat rides! Depending on how many kids we have onboard, we also offer our Pirates Aboard Program on all of our vessels.

culinary activities kids galapagos

Casual Culinary-Classes are also offered by our onboard Chef!

Our Santa Cruz II Expedition Vessel even has an Explorer Room that’s equipped with a flat screen TV, stocked with blu-ray movies and even board games too! And, shh! Don’t tell the kids just yet, but there’s an unlimited supply of cookies in the Expedition Lounge & Library over by the refreshments/snack area!

What about night activities for kids on a Galapagos cruise?

Trust us when we say that, after all of the things the kids have seen and done throughout their excursions and adventures during, we have not a single drop of doubt that they’ll immediately hit the hay at the end of the day. You won’t be needing to worry about keeping them entertained as the evening rolls in, which just might be the perfect moment for the adults to take a nice, relaxing dip in the hot tubs aboard our vessels or head to bar lounge for a delicious nightcap.

night activities galapagos cruise kids

Of course, there’s always our Explorer Room on the Santa Cruz II to keep kids entertained at night, if need be!

On a closing note: Ecuador in general offers a rich cultural learning experience for the little ones, which means you might want to consider adding the wonderful city of Quito (the first UNESCO World Heritage Site) as part of your travels, either before or after you Galapagos trip! These offer great learning experiences with the rich cultural history of this gorgeous Andean nation, adding an even richer dimension to your whole vacation.

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