Galapagos – Frequently Asked Questions

What time is it in Galapagos?
How do I get to the Galapagos?
What’s all the fuss about Galapagos?
What’s the Galapagos National Park fee and the other fee?
How long should I go for?
How strong is the sun?
When should I go?
How warm is it?
Can I fish in the Islands?
Are there internet connections on board your vessels?
Should I go swimming in the Galapagos?
I’ve heard of ‘island-hopping’ tours. Should I consider them over a live-aboard expedition?
What is the main difference between boats in the Galapagos?
Should I choose a bigger or smaller vessel?
What’s the best footwear for Galapagos?
What’s with the wetsuits?
How far is the Galapagos from the mainland?
Is all of the Galapagos Islands a national park?
Are the animals in Galapagos tame?
Are all the animals on Galapagos giant like the tortoises?
Where does the name Galapagos come from?
Why are the finches so important?
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