Adventures in Nature across Ecuador’s Four Worlds

Adventures in nature across Ecuador’s four worlds


If you have a zest for life, a yen for adventure, a taste for the unseen and an eye for colour and beauty, Ecuador will instantly enchant you. Because of its location on the Equator and the Andes mountain ranges, Ecuador has no real seasons and it receives the most amount of sunlight on the planet. Ecuador’s unique climate allows for year-round operation of outdoor adventure programs.

Trek and hike through national parks and reserves, large haciendas and Indian communities. Treks descend from the Highlands to the sub-tropical Cloud Forest, along amazing gorge trails and the awe-inspiring Avenue of the Volcanoes. Camp will be set up each night with freshly prepared meals and deluxe camping equipment. Adventurous spirits will enjoy Rafting and Kayaking.

Programs are available with various degrees of difficulty to suit every skill level.


Trekking adventure at Pasochoa and Cotopaxi National Park, 2D / 1N

Two-day trekking tour to Pasochoa – Cotopaxi volcano includes humid cloud forest inside Pasochoa’s extinct volcanic crater and the world’s highest active volcano, Cotopaxi. Wildlife include more than 100 bird species, deer, foxes, and even pumas may sometimes be observed in forests of native trees.

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MT-7001, Mountain Biking Cotopaxi Volcano

A three-day trip along the Avenue of the Volcanoes from Quito to beautiful Cuenca in the south; passing through spectacular scenery by road and by train.Bike the Cotopaxi National Park from the north entrance to the south, crossing through Andean highland plateaus and observing unique vegetation and wildlife amidst stunning volcanic scenery.

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MT-7006, Rafting Adventures Toachi & Blanco Rivers 2D/1N

A two-day trip along the beautiful and thrilling Toachi River and Blanco rivers northwest of Quito.

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MT-7025, Epic Trecks of the Andes & Amazon, 7D/6N

An extraordinary collection of treks in Ecuador’s most amazing parks and nature reserves of the Andes and Amazon. This epic adventure offers exclusive trails filled with unique landscapes, wildlife and wonder. Encounter indigenous communities with living traditions and revive the mythical legends of these ancient cultures. Combined with classic historic haciendas, spas, and eco lodges, this trip is a hiker’s adventure of a lifetime.

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MT-7002, Mountain Bike Cotopaxi and Illinizas Volcanoes

Mountain biking tour in Cotopaxi Volcano national park with extension to the Illinizas peaks.

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MT-7004, Rafting Adventure Amazon – Rivers Anzu & Jatunyacu

Starts in Quito, crossing Papallacta hot springs, arriving in Tena and then by boat to Cotococha Amazon Lodge, on the banks of the Napo River, and enjoy a riverfront dinner. Anzu River Rafting (II+)

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MT-7008, Trekking Adventure at Pasochoa Protected Forest

Over one hundred bird species and 50 species of original Andean trees as well as deer, foxes and sometimes Pumas can be observed while hiking the impressive trails of the Pasochoa Protected Forest.

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MT-7000, Mountain Bike Pululahua Geobotanical Reserve

Bike into the heart of the extinct Pululahua crater near Quito. Descend on mountain bikes on small dirt roads through the dense cloud forest down into the marvellous scenery of the agricultural valley inside the crater.

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MT-7007, San Pablo Lake kayaking full day tour

Explore San Pablo Lake, surrounded by an astonishing landscape at the foot of Imbabura Volcano near Otavalo.

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MT-7026, Western Andes Multisport, 3D/2N

A classic multi-sport adventure, this trip takes mountain bikes down the slopes of the Pichincha Volcano; trekking amid bio-diverse forests; and rafting down the thunderous waters.

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MT-7005, Rafting Adventure Lower Blanco and Toachi Rivers

The Blanco River, northwest of Quito, is named for its continuous and thunderous white-capped rapids that provide rafters with constant thrills year-round

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MT-7010, Trekking adventure at Pasochoa and Cotopaxi National Park, 2D/1N

2 days of wonderful hiking along the impressive trails of the Pasochoa Protected Forest. Overnight in Andean haciendas.

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