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Yacht Isabela II Vessel information

The Galápagos Islands are special and you want a special yacht in which to explore this living laboratory of evolution’. Our Yacht Isabela II, accommodating 40 guests, promises an intimate experience of this unique world

The Isabela II offers enriching wildlife encounters whether amid the islands’ haunting volcanic landscapes or beneath the waves of its marine reserve, all in the company of passionate, dedicated and expert naturalist guides. The islands’ marine life can be appreciated with a snorkel and mask, paddling a kayak or aboard our glass-bottom boat.

On board, guests find delicious cuisine, faultless service and excellent facilities, including a Jacuzzi, fitness room, bar and outside deck for al fresco meals, drinks and sunbathing. Her crew has remained virtually unchanged for years, their dedication, attention to detail and passion for service touching every one of her guests.


Important Information

Guests are strongly advised to purchase travel insurance.

People Like you - Galapagos Islands Ecuador

7 days / 6 nights – Northern Galápagos – Tuesday to Monday Last update: 6/20/2011 7 days / 6 nights – Northern Galápagos – Tuesday to Monday
Discover this Enchanted archipelago, visit a Tortoise Breeding Centre, Genovesa Island, Buccaneer Cove and Puerto Egas in Santiago, Punta Espinosa in Fernandina, Tagus Cove, Urbina Bay, Punta Vicente Roca in Isabela, Rábida and Dragon Hill. Price from: 4,406.00 USD / 4,406.00 USD /
5 days / 4 nights – Central Galápagos - Monday to FridayLast update: 6/20/2011 5 days / 4 nights – Central Galápagos - Monday to Friday
Explore the Charles Darwin Research Station in Santa Cruz, Santa Fe, South Plaza, North Seymour, Las Bachas in Santa Cruz, Bartolomé and Sullivan Bay in Santiago Island. Price from: 2,937.00 USD / 2,937.00 USD /
5 days / 4 nights – Southern Galápagos – Friday to TuesdayLast update: 6/20/2011 5 days / 4 nights – Southern Galápagos – Friday to Tuesday
Discover the wonders of the Charles Darwin Research Station, Post Office Bay and Punta Cormorant in Floreana, Punta Suárez and Gardner Bay in Española Island, Punta Pitt and Cerro Brujo in San Cristóbal. Price from: 2,937.00 USD / 2,937.00 USD /
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Fundación Galápagos and Coca Cola in “Every bottle has a story”

Fundación Galápagos has been chosen by Coca Cola to participate in the campaign “Every bottle has a story” for its commitment to making a positive difference to the Islands

Metropolitan Touring is one of South America’s most known and respected travel companies, providing unrivalled service to our guests for nearly 60 years. Along with our operations in Ecuador, Peru, Argentina, Chile and Colombia, we also own and operate the finest ships for Galapagos Island cruises - the M/V Santa Cruz, Yacht Isabella II and Yacht La Pinta - as well as the Finch Bay Eco Hotel. Come explore with us!

We take immense pride in our Galapagos cruise explorations, during which our guests experience the ever-changing ecological paradise of the islands. Our Galapagos cruises provide opportunities to walk, swim, snorkel, photograph and observe the archipelago’s amazing wildlife in the company of expert naturalist guides. Our Galapagos cruises are characterized by the highest standards of comfort, cuisine and service on board, combining these elements to provide solo-travelers, families and small groups with an unforgettable exploration of ‘the enchanted isles.’

So, pack your bags and come explore with us for a Galapagos cruise of a lifetime!
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