Top 6 - Alcoholic Drinks of South America


Top 6 - Alcoholic Drinks of South America

PERU - Pisco

Pisco is Peru's traditional drink, symbol of the Peruvian pride and nationality. It is a brandy that results from the distillation of fermented fresh grapes and it was named after the maritime port where the export of the distilled Peruvian spirit was carried out. Pisco is the basis for Peru's most famous cocktail, the Pisco Sour. The iconic Peruvian-drink has taken on a whole new social persona in Peruvian culture: It now has its own day dedicated to it, "Pisco Sour Day" is the first Saturday of every February.

ECUADOR - Canelazo

This warm, sweet and spicy alcoholic drink is very popular in the Ecuadorian Highlands.  It is made with water, cinnamon sticks (canela), brown sugar, an acid fruit juice such as naranjilla or lemon and aguardiente (fire water).   A steaming glass of canelazo is very much appreciated in chilly Andean nights.  Canelazo is served in thick, short glasses which are often refilled to keep you warm during the fiestas.


Malbec is the symbol of Argentina.  Say 'Malbec' to a wine lover and they will reply 'Argentina'. It is the great wine of this country and defining examples of the variety are found there. Like Zinfandel and California, or Pinotage and South Africa are linked together, so is Malbec and Argentina which grows more than 70% of the world's Malbec.  A red grape, originated in South West France where it is one of only five red varieties permitted in the Bordeaux appellation. But it plays an almost invisible role in Bordeaux. Its French base is nearby Cahors whose red wines must be made of at least 70% Malbec and were known as the 'Black Wines', a reference to their colour and general toughness.


1.    Caiprinha - the traditional , is the most famous Brazilian drink made with lemon, cachaça and sugar. But you can also drink it with a variety of fruits.

2.    Jururpinga - a liquor made from grape

3.    Cachaça - Sugar cane made

4.    "Caju Amigo" - mix of Caju and Vodka

5.    Wine from the South of Brazil

6.    Bagaceira - "aguardente"  made from  grape "bagaça"


Piscola is a popular Chilean cocktail consumed mostly by teenagers, consisting of a mixture of pisco with Coca Cola. It is one of the most popular and representative alcoholic beverages of Chile, due to its low cost and easy preparation. You can find different alcoholic degrees in pisco from 33° to 46°, but the most popular and common is the 35°. It is so popular that it has been established the custom of selling promotional pisco and Coca Cola together and it´s called a "promo", which can be found at all licensed alcohol outlets in the country.

COLOMBIA - Aguardiente

A big night out in Colombia is always accompanied by Aguardiente, the country's national drink. For lovers of Ouzo and Raki, this anise flavoured drink is a must on any occasion, as most Colombians will attest too! This drink of the masses is consumed everywhere and is popular across Colombia, but more so in the Andean region. Anise flavoured and made from sugar cane, Aguardiente or 'Firewater' is drunk straight in a shot glass. The Colombians are not the only people to appreciate this drink. A Colombian brand of Aguardiente recently won a gold medal at the Fourth International Rum Festival held in Florida in the United States. Ever wondered why Colombia is the third happiest country in the world; three million litres and a gold medal must account for something?

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